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The Green Value of Perforated Metal


Perforated minimizes resource depletion due to its recyclability, reduces energy in use, promotes sustainability, and invites innovation in terms of creative design and innovative engineering.


Green Design & Construction

  1. LEED Certification
    1. Leadership in Energy and Environmental DesignGreenBuilding Rating System
    2. Sets standards and awards points for specified uses of sustainable resources


  1. Can be manufactured from up to 100% post-consumer steel or aluminum
    1. Makes it sustainable and recyclable resource as well


Who can benefit?


Architects, designers, contractors and engineers can all benefit from the multitude of user-friendly and Earth-friendly solutions that perforated offers.


It’s aesthetics and unique properties are a green light to create, enhance and explore new solutions – and enjoy a multitude of environmental and visually-appealing benefits.


Internal and External Systems


  1. Internal
    1. Ceilings and walls

                                                               i.      Lightweight perforated aluminum ceiling panels have specific sound deadening qualities that make it designer-friendly, builder-friendly and user-friendly solution for office complexes and smaller spaces alike

                                                             ii.      Allows maintenance staff to gain access to wiring and piping with these modular, lightweight ceiling system designs.

                                                            iii.      Its enhanced ventilation qualities help to retard mold and mildew growth, another LEED issue – and they can be easily and effectively cleaned.

    1. Exterior cladding
    2. Window treatments


  1. External
    1. Controls light penetration/filtration

                                                               i.      Giving it an edge in regulating heat and light

  1. manages privacy issues