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Knowing how perforated materials are typically used in different applications may help you determine whether or not you have a use for it. Assuming there is a use for it, the issue then becomes which pattern to use. It may seem like a simple decision but it can be critical for those applications where perforated material has to perform a certain way.

Perforated materials are used in a number of different applications but are mostly used in:

-Screens, filters, shields, and guards

Perforated materials control the passage of:

– air, liquids, sollids, heat, eletromagnetic waves, and sound waves

Perforated materials are often found in OEM applications such as clothes washer and dryer drums, speaker covers, automotive grills and exhaust components, airplace engine silencers, grain dryers, microwave ovens, computer cabinets and countless others.

Perforated materials are also used for their aesthetics in architectural and design applications such as facades, fixtures, and privacy panels.