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Perforating Process

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Decisions that need to be made during the perforated process are all important, but non are more important than those that result in the specifications of the product because they determine production requirements and directly affect the quality, cost and delivery.

All of these factors should be considered to achieve a high quality, low cost product that is deliverable within a timely manner.

  1. Material Type
  2. Material Thickness
  3. Hole Size
  4. Hole shape and configuration
  5. Open Area
  6. Margins
  7. End margin Patter ( Unfinished and finished)
  8. Blank Areas and/or Locator Holes
  9. Tolerances
  10. Surface Finish
  11. Degrease, Fabricate and Finish
  12. Packaging and Labeling
  13. Over-and Under-runs