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Stainless Steel Material

Description | Specs

Stainless Steel is corrosion resistant because it contains chromium which, when exposed to oxygen, creates an invisible protective film, unlike carbon steel.

 It is classified into three groups ( based on their ability to be hardened) 

  1. Austenitic
    1. Can be hardened by cold working, which meets a wide rainge of design criteria
    2. Non- magnetic

                           i.      Become slightly magnetic due to cold working

  1. Martensitic stainless steel
    1. Straight-chromium types
    2. Hardened by heat treatment
    3. Magnetic
  2. Ferritic Stainless Steel
    1. Like Martensitic
    2. Straight-chromium types
    3. Magnetic
    4. Cannot be hardened by heat treating and only moderately hardened by cold working


Commonly Perforated Stainless Steel Types

-304/L (Austenitic)

– 316/L (Austenitic)

– 321 (Austenitic)

– 410 (Martensitic)

-409 (Ferritic)

-430 (Ferritic)