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Carbon Steel Material

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Carbon Steel material is most often used in unexposed applications or protected with a coating. It is the most corrosive and least expensive of the three most commonly perforated metals. Coatings such as paint and powder are applied after perforating and completely protect the material.


Three common types of Perforated Carbon Steel

  1. Commercial Steel (HR, CR, GALV)
    1. Lost cost steel
    2. Good drawing, forming, and welding qualities
    3. Moderate strength
    4. Subject to strains, fluting and breaks due to ageing.


  1. Drawing Steel (HR, CR)
    1. Greater degree of ductility and uniformity of properties
    2. Improved performance during manufacturing
    3. Recommended for use when stretcher straines or fluting during fabrication are objectionable and/or consistency of performance is important


  1. Forming Steel (GALV)
    1. Lower strength
    2. Higher elongation than Commercial Steel
    3. Recommended when stresses from forming either crack or weaken Commercial Steel


HR- Hot Rolled ( less expensive, thicker gauges 7-16)

CR- Cold Rolled ( tigher tolerances, better surface finish, any gauge, readily available in 14-28)